Castle Peak Mission

April 18, 2011

Last April after an amazing heli season with SEABA in Alaska, I returned home still hungry for adventure in my own backyard of Idaho. I jumped on the opportunity to fly over the Boulder Whitecloud ranges in a small prop plane to shoot photos and explore from the air. The flight was in preparation for a splitboard trip to join my First Ascent team mates Zach Crist and Eric Leidecker as they traversed the entire mountain range touring by foot and snow camping over 8 days!  Chris Coulter and I planned to sled in and re-cash the boys with food as well as join them for a few days camping and splitboarding. We also guided in Kent Mcbride and Lexi Dupont from the First Ascent team to join the expedition. Kent is the man, he works at Jackson Hole resort doing avalanche control and is a SEABA heli guide in AK. Lexi is a young ripper lady skier for the First Ascent team and was excited to explore the mountains in her backyard and learn a few backcountry tips.  Enjoy the gallery of pictures from our trip!