Wyatt Caldwell

Growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho was one hell of a good time as a youngster. It's been even more fun as an adult, with increasing resources and motivation to explore our wild mountainous backyard. Snowboarding has been the solid pillar of my life from the age of 5 on the kindgarden recess slopes. I will never forget trying to stand and balance on plastic edges, at the expense of my laughing peers who had never seen a snowboard before. After traveling the world and competing in professional snowboard contests for the last 13 years, I've switched my focus to big mountains, beyond the resorts and ski lodges, and into the fresh powder fields ripe for the picking. I couldn't be happier living full time in Idaho and persuing my attraction to photography, adventure travel, and everything snow. Thanks to all who have inspired and supported me to investigate my interests and take chances when opportunities arise! - Wyatt